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That User Advocate Guy

A Quick Look at Drupal Web Page Building

In this section I examine the basic methods for creating an Information Architecture in Drupal 7 and point out the blockages that appear on each route.

It's all done through a 'content-first' strategy which in my opinion is an 'inside-out' way to go about this. Why? Firstly because content is often the last piece to arrive on the scene so production can easily get held up. But more importantly, it leads to excessive abstraction in the sitebuilding process. This can be daunting for the sitebuilder who must plan each step very carefully. It can also be utterly bewildering to non-technical people such as the clients of the site builders.

Part 1 - Clients and Sitebuilders

Part 2 - A Quick Look at Drupal Web Page Building

Part 3 - Understanding Usage Context

Part 4 - Understanding Business Intent

Part 5 - Why We Can't 'Grow' a Website in Drupal

Part 6 - A Web Page is a Unit of Business Intent

Part 7 - Inside-Out Site Building

Part 8 - Defining an Inductive Pull Model for Website Building

Part 9 - The UX of an Inductive Pull Model