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That User Advocate Guy

Inside-Out Site Building

Information Architecture works as an organizational tool for website content because it create virtual spaces that, if it's done right, we can understand and navigate through.

So it stands to reason that building a website should involve the envisioning and creation of such spaces so we know where content will be placed. The house building analogy works well here and in this video I exlore this concept and point out that, from this perspective, Drupal's way of creating IA space is, well, pretty much backwards.



Part 1 - Clients and Sitebuilders

Part 2 - A Quick Look at Drupal Web Page Building

Part 3 - Understanding Usage Context

Part 4 - Understanding Business Intent

Part 5 - Why We Can't 'Grow' a Website in Drupal

Part 6 - A Web Page is a Unit of Business Intent

Part 7 - Inside-Out Site Building

Part 8 - Defining an Inductive Pull Model for Website Building

Part 9 - The UX of an Inductive Pull Model