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That User Advocate Guy

Understanding Business Intent

Building a website brings many technological challenges. As a result website production is typically seen as a technical problem to solve. But I would argue that it is essentially a business problem. All websites exist for some business reason - even if the 'business' is non-commercial. In all cases, the business of a website involves an essential communication and potentially interaction between the site owners and the people they want to reach.

So we need to keep this in mind when we are planning a website. We need to be clear on the website's business intent - at the macro level and in all of its constituent parts.

In this segment I look at website creation from the point of view of Business Intent to show how important that is to its purpose and its design.

Part 1 - Clients and Sitebuilders

Part 2 - A Quick Look at Drupal Web Page Building

Part 3 - Understanding Usage Context

Part 4 - Understanding Business Intent

Part 5 - Why We Can't 'Grow' a Website in Drupal

Part 6 - A Web Page is a Unit of Business Intent

Part 7 - Inside-Out Site Building

Part 8 - Defining an Inductive Pull Model for Website Building

Part 9 - The UX of an Inductive Pull Model